Environmental issues are significantly affecting the action sports community. Surfers suffer from polluted water or dying coral reefs. Skiers or snowboarders will not find the snow they need to pursue their sport, in resorts below 5000ft, in just a few decades from now. And those are just few examples.

The action sports community has the obligation to lead and to contribute their share to protect our planet. We know that large scale events, travelling teamriders and unsustainable production chains create a large environmental footprint – on the individual and on the company level.  And each trip to the mountains or the oceans by car or plane, every time we purchase the latest, sick and stylish new piece of equipment, we act unstustainably. But we can start somewhere. It’s not about turning green from one day to the other and it must not be about ‘greenwashing’ either. But if each and every individual can change their behavior just slightly over the next years and decades, we are a huge step closer to saving our environment and avoid social disparity. We need to start somewhere – green product lines, carbon-offsetting events (or getting them officially certified), sharing transportation and consuming a little more responsibly are first babysteps to becoming sustainable and futureproof!

This blog is shedding light on the issues from producer’s value chains over green consumerism to sustainable event organisation. Have fun reading it! I look forward to your engagement and comments – and hopefully i can make my own little contribution to provoking a change in people’s heads.